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Walking The Aisle

Late last night I ended up watching "The Father of The Bride." At first I couldn't believe I was seeing it from the beginning for the first time in years and then my mind began to wander throughout the movie. Now I'm only at the ripe young age of 22 but needless to say in the next 5 years or so this just may be my life. The life of wedding planning and subsequent marriage. The idea of marriage and a wedding is exciting to say the least but I refuse to underestimate the effort to pull both off successfully. The movie got me thinking in detail about weddings and the details involved. In my head I'd love to have the world there! I know many people and I would love for a bunch of people to be a part of that day. In my head I think of this crazy celebration, a great ceremony and a legendary reception that would be a throwback to my college days almost. Of course this is all in my head but I guess you could almost call it my ideal. Now when it comes down to this nitty g

Dress The Part

I'm getting older, and in that I continue to enjoy every little miniscule thing about women. I seemingly like new things everyday. I like a girl with nice feet, I like a nice smile, I like a nice walk, I love a nice scent, I like a nice voice, I like nice eyes, I like nice lips. Of course I can go on about this all night and i haven't even gotten into personality traits( mainly because you can't get gist of personality in passing) but nevertheless I continue to pay attention to detail. One thing in particular that's very broad but very important to me is style. How a woman dresses is damn near everything. I know it sounds a little extreme but it's now summer time and you know these ladies are excited. There is such a variety of outfits a woman can put on that she can just make work. It could be a romper with her toes out or a camisole and a skirt or one of those shirts that hang off and show her bra strap lol (you know you love that one fellas). I hap


The last few posts I've been gradually adding elements of twitter to some things I say. This week's post i guess is no different with the phrase I used for my title. The term to be dead at something pretty much means you're finished with whatever it may be. That being said I'm dead at all this end of the world madness. To not get too deep into this whole deal I'll simply paraphrase. There was some wild religious rumor that some scam artist thought up that on all days, May 21st, 2011 at 6 p.m. the world was supposed to end. To most people we'd think this is straight stupidity; at least I did. Now I ain't religious man number one or anything but what I do have is some common sense. Common sense tells me that if this date was set then why was there a buzz for the turn of the century with Y2K? Who would care about Y2K when you know in eleven years the world will end? Or why didn't they give us a reminder this past new year's eve saying "hey guys enj

It's Complicated

A few nights ago I watched for the second time this movie called "It's Complicated." The movie stars Alec Baldwin and Meryll Streep. The plot goes that they are a divorced couple for over 10 years and they begin to rekindle this romance. Problem is the romance take on the role of an affair being that Alec has since remarried. Alec isn't happy in his marriage and begins to cheat on his wife with his ex wife. Now there's much more to this movie but I refuse to spoil all that for you. What strikes me in this movie is the point that Alec Baldwin's cheating is addressed but not in any way seen as a "big deal." Mind you we're speaking of two individuals in this affair who are at this point a lot older. This isn't your young people making spur of the moment decisions. These two people are conscious of what they do and understand what comes with everything they're doing. My question really is what's cheating? Technically speaking yea if you&#

Years In The Making

Finally back on this writing thing after finally completing college, and it feels good. For the past week and change I've been relaxing in the house, running errands, job searching, and hanging out. On my down time (which now is most of the time) I bullshit and tweet while I job search or tweet while watching movies or the game. Then there are some times where I do your occasional "tweet watch." What is tweet watching? Tweet watching is simply reading remarks of people on your twitter timeline and not really writing any of your own; just simply reading. In my tweet watching a couple days ago I saw a tweet that I felt had more to it than what met the eye. So a couple days ago I saw one female tweet to another female something along the lines of "Don't worry girl the lord has the right man placed for you." Now on the surface eh it doesn't sound bad at all right? regardless of what you may believe it seems like a real common thing to say I'd suppose. Bu

Patiently Waiting

Three days from now I'm graduating from college. I have one open book final left and I'm moving most of my belongings back on Wednesday. With all that's going on I don't think it has still sunk in that I'm leaving. Graduation is coming up faster than I imagined which is fine in a way because I'm not too sad about it. Most people say it's bittersweet but I've had an extra year to prepare, and its just that time now. My guess is that Thursday night this will all sink in but it's definitely a welcomed feeling. I plan on celebrating like a mad man the night before with the class and make sure I end my year on a memorable note. I'm excited about looking for work and simply enjoying the fact I accomplished something pretty good. I'll probably take a walk down to the tent the night before and soak it all in but come Friday morning I'm ready to walk across that stage and get finish what I done started. Once that's done you won't find a mo