About "Pops"

My name is Kahlil Haywood. I am a graduate of Long Island University - C.W. Post. I received a Bachelor Of Arts in Psychology. My blog chronicles many of my ideas through the many conversations I have with others. What you will find here is pretty candid banter from a very humble place. I do not profess to be perfect or have all the answers. I make mistakes all the time. But I have found joy in learning from them.

This blog is meant to provoke thought and spark conversations. My hope is for who ever reads my posts is that they are as interested in understanding their partner or partners as much as I am. I want them to want to understand the world a bit better. I want us to understand each other better as men and women. Our differences always fascinates me. At the root of it all we have to be willing to compromise some things in order to make any relationship work.

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