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As The Summer Dwindles

Summer's seem to become a pretty special time for me every year now. I tend to think to myself a lot more. Summertime gives me the opportunity to fully evaluate myself for the new school year get refocused and in some cases stop the bullshit. Every summer since I've been in college has had it's own story. My summer after my freshman year was about me getting over someone I was unusually CRAZY for. I did a lot of thinking and had numerous conversations with people to figure out what exactly was wrong with me.... or her for that matter. But as that summer went along and I went on a cruise I realized being around people who really had your best interest at heart was a good start to starting fresh. By last summer I feel I was a lot better off emotionally and my focus was really to outdo my previous year's performance, I actually did pretty good my sophomore year. I landed a little job working with kids at this camp in Manhattan, that job took a world out of me. But the kids

You Never Know I Guess......

So I am currently on this movie day binge I guess. I just finished watching sex and the city and now I'm on to this movie called "Purple Violets." And the plot is so unique and makes me wonder if situations like this really happen. So these two ex-couples meet up after years of not seeing each other. Now both ex-couples give it a shot once again. And in both instances they are successful one more immediate than the other. But it just got me to thinking maybe wasting time feeling bad about something is exactly that...wasting time. I guess it's true when they say something that's meant to be will come around again...I thought it was interesting.

Lessons Learned

Today I got back from Canada and my family's 13th Bi- annual reunion. This was my 3rd consecutive one which is a new record for me,lol. I feel so good to have been apart of this one. This reunion marked to me a new phase in my life. The premise of us going to Canada was really a sentimental thing. Back in 1989 the first official reunion was i Canada, and since then it has not been in Canada. So it was great that I was at the first one as a new born, and now 20 years later a grown man, that's my personal thing. But the family's real reason for going back to Canada was to really visit that side of the family's oldest living member who could no longer attend the other reunions in other places due to health reasons. This man i was sure didn't remember me... but he actually did. It kinda suprised me but also made me feel good. He had this great sense of humor even in his state, and I felt good to be one of the people to bring him some happiness in wake of all his othe