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Easier Said Than Done

"Get over it!" is a common phrase used by many of us. It's very agnostic, hold no real emotion to it. When you want someone to just get over something, you're not humanizing yourself to that situation. We're all guilty of this sometimes, but when something disheartening happens to us we look for some empathy. Empathy is great; knowing someone relates to your situation really creates a sense of comfort. As people relate to your situation, they also usually give advice. Much of the advice involves you doing something you're not comfortable doing. I strongly believe that's a great way to grow. There are some pieces of advice you get which may tell you to not disclose certain things or not to do certain things. These parameters are put in place to keep you from being more vulnerable. On paper this advice seems easy to execute and on most days it is. Sometimes your emotions can pull you back. There are instances in conversation where you want to hold your tongu