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So Emotional

Something has really been irking me lately. If anything I guess it's just an observation, nevertheless it's something I'd like to shed a little light on. I am a proud tweeter (@DoctaPOPS) and I tweet a bunch and read a bunch of tweets. For the most part it's just innocent fun for me and if I have an opportunity to encourage someone or make them smile then that's cool too. Nevertheless I think I happen to follow more women than men on twitter for whatever reason...okay maybe for slightly more obvious reasons lol. But anywho I can't help but notice how much women seem to complain on there. I don't want to come from some non-empathetic kind of place but it's just an observation. For instance there's this person named @Relationship101 who would usually tweet different proverbs as they pertain to relationships. More times than not if there's a tweet pertaining to sorrow, or pain a woman retweets (repeats) it. I visited my oldest cousin at work yesterd