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Strictly Business

Priorities are something else aren't they? I was having a conversation with someone yesterday and we covered a bunch of topics. The conversation eventually progressed into an idea of mine that sometimes in your life you have to make business type decisions. I love making analogies and i suppose this is one of them. I'm 23 years old, in my own mind I believe I'm building a brand. I'm building my brand. Right now is a whole lot of groundwork being put in which began with graduating college. At this stage in the game my eyes are open to opportunity, this is the time to do my dibbling and dabbling. With all that being said, it is my belief that in life you have to have the wisdom to know what will give you the best opportunity to succeed at certain times. To be more clear I'm saying that there are times where you have to cut certain things or people from your life in order to handle business. By saying business I mean anything you're trying to achieve or any ob

Bitch, You Wasn't Shooting With Me In The Gym! (Sorry I took so long)

So what do we see above? I'll caption this for you perfectly in a short story... enjoy. Above you see Vanessa and Kobe Bryant at a press conference. If I'm not mistaking this is taking place during the 03-04 season while the Lakers were pursuing an unprecedented 4th straight NBA championship. The Lakers were long time  my team. This particular season you would say that the Lakers had an all star starting line up and were a shoe in for their title. Their starting line up consisted of 4 sure fire first ballot hall of famers. We're talking about Kobe Bryant, Gary Payton, Karl Malone, and Shaquille O'Neal. If you didn't watch basketball you've still probably heard these names. I've gone on this tangent to tell you that in the above photo Vanessa Bryant is supporting her man in the 03-04 season during a press conference where Kobe claims his innocence of a rape charge. Here's the catch, he said that the sex was consensual. Thus meaning he cheated on his