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The Game Deserves The Respect He Gives; None

      Courtesy: Independent I love hip hop and I definitely have an appreciation especially for debut albums. The Game's debut album "The Documentary" is one of my favorite debut albums of any artist. I happen to think the majority of his discography is pretty solid. But I have always been conflicted with The Game as a person and his view of women. I really believe that he doesn't respect women and sees them as completely subservient to him. I want to share some thoughts today about my issues with The Game's mentality and how it is indicative to a problem among Black men. Last week I came across several tweets that reported this: The Game's manager implies any woman including Cyn Santana or Kim Kardashian who deny whatever The Game is rapping about, he will release tapes to prove the accuracy of the lyrics — 24/7 HipHop News (@BenjaminEnfield) February 2, 2019 Apparently on The Game's forthcoming ninth album, the