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Maybe Men Are Trash

Admittedly, in younger years I was one of those "not all men" type of men.  Please bare with me as I feel the collective eye rolls of any woman reading this. But in recent times I'm noticing that what I was doing in those former moments was not taking myself out of the equation. At the time I thought that I was, but I really wasn't. In recent years, through my dating journeys and speaking with different women, I realize that there are just way too many horror stories about men out there. In the past I've touched on subjects like first date conversations , or the corniness of leaking nudes , or guys being selfish in bed , but the issues I continue to hear far surpass even any of those things. I mean I've heard stories of men lacking taking initiative or just not possessing common courtesy. Hell, men paying on dates still rile up anyone's timeline. I began to think that there are way too many egregious transgressions we commit as men to disagree with what th