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What Is Wrong With A Daughter Growing A Man Up?

"Feeling better than some head on a Sunday afternoon, better than a chick that says yes too soon, until you have a daughter that's what I call karma and you pray to God she don't go breasts too soon." The above lyric probably encapsulates so many guys' feelings towards fatherhood and raising a daughter. This was also a line from a song prior to Kanye having a daughter. That tells you that men anticipate the heightened consciousness that having a daughter can bring. It's pretty much proverbial that men have these wild out phases of their lives. In the midst of that, some would suppose that men are also at their peak of objectifying women. We've had about two weeks to digest... or not digest " Ye. "  I've always thought for a number of years now that Kanye West was the most polarizing figure in entertainment. Prior to his latest album release, nothing could continue to be more true. After a dismal appearance on TMZ Live , Ye