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Why Ray Rice's Suspension Leaves More Questions Than Answers

  Where do you begin after the events of today? I guess we can start here:   Disgusting would be an understatement to describe that clip. I initially thought the punishment a two game suspension was too light for a domestic violence case. Today the Baltimore Ravens terminated Ray Rice's contract. The NFL has suspended him indefinitely. This all happens as we jump and click our heels. Many people think justice has been done. They might feel like this is the proper punishment to levy against such an offense. There also might be truth to that. But there's so much more to this story. So much more we don't know, and so much more that just isn't being talked about Now I'm just as much Sway as any of you all; I don't have the answers. But I have a shitload of questions. Questions that more so challenge the consciousness of big corporations in the United States. For starters, not much in this world can warrant the left hook that rice hit his then fi