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All For You

I have a good friend named DJ who I think made a somewhat valid statement. He theorizes that everything we do as people is to gain the affections of the opposite sex. Now I think that saying "everything" we do is a bit extreme. But I think there is some validity to the statement. We subconsciously are conditioned to 1. Do things for our sake and 2. To do things that would attract mates. So much of what we do is for "sex" according to DJ. How we dress, speak, walk, talk is all related to how we appeal to the opposite sex. Whether you believe it or not the actions do speak louder than anything else. Some argue that things they do are solely for their own purposes. I think they feel that the thought of them "doing" things for sexual reasons isn't becoming of them. The truth is there should be pride taken in presenting yourself well to the world. Maybe everything we do isn't for sexual reasons. But so many things we do, have some sort of ulterior moti

The Bigger Picture

I continue to grow everyday. And I notice certain things in myself that I think would be important for all young men. I've realized we have a responsibility somewhat with the emotions of women. We have to be mindful of things that we weren't mindful of at 16. I feel across the board as women get older their feelings get deeper. We as men have to realize when a lady feels strongly, and it should be our responsibility to respect their feelings. I'm not saying you have to reciprocate the feelings, but understand that anything you do that has the potential to hurt her is amplified. I'm recently realizing that I have had a great impression on women I've been with. I have even people I dealt with in High School who still want something to do with me. It's honestly one of the most flattering things. But with that I know that other people they've been with might not have given them the best experiences, and in some cases it's pretty sad. As we grow older you hav

Be Mine!!!

February 14th. NO! It's not just any old day is it? Sorry it isn't. For some it's a day filled with bliss, affection, romance, and admiration. And for others is just a plain old bad day. Of course if you haven't guessed by now, it's Valentine's Day. Whether you want to admit it or not, it's one of the days where most women want to be wanted. NOTHING is wrong with that. Problem is this reoccurring theme is my blogs about women not feeling good about themselves. I say to the ladies that don;t have valentine's, don't ever be mad. How many people have a Valentine every year? I have gone years upon years where my only Valentine was my Mommy. I was fine with that. Some ladies are not so hot on this day due to past experiences with knuckleheads. I understand that too but life is what you make it. If you have no Valentine, then treat yourself. Pamper yourself, take yourself out, build yourself up. This day isn't about the guy that likes you, it should be

Spitting Images

When we're young our parents tell us a bunch of things we simply blow off. There are things about our parents we may not necessarily want to embody, and some things we do. In women there's something that interests me. Women and their relationships with their mothers vary vastly. I know many women who are the closest things in the world to their mothers. They share moments, they shop together, they talk, they laugh. Those mothers usually serve as mentors as well. Those daughter usually embody the mother's best qualities. And I always say you lead by example. On the other hand I know women who don't connect with their mothers too well. It's not usually an issue of respect on the daughter's part. Contrary to what you may think, these ladies want that love from their mother. They have to see other good mother/daughter relationships and want the same thing. I used to see father/son relationships and want a good one for myself. I try to affirm to myself everyday to tr