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Like No Other

For the better part of this academic year three things have circulated in my mind. My first thought everyday was graduation, i thought about it every single morning, it helped me stay motivated. Secondly I thought about past relationships and the downward spirals that may have accompanied them. I guess I thought about that just to remain cognizant of where i could improve as a person. But thirdly I thought about my mother. I realized I don't know a more patient person. I finally made it to this year and finally sealed my fate for graduating in May, and I haven't seen my mother happier. You begin to realize that mothers are just a special breed. A good mother's love in unparalleled. I made more than my share of errors, and my mother has never put me down. What she did was give me my own space and trusted I would get things right, and that's all I really needed. As a young man and in dealing with young women and the fluctuating emotions that are relationships you realize


Today was my first day of classes of my final semester as an undergraduate. I don't think I was looking to be too intellectually stimulated but believe it or not, I think this spring will be quite the contrary. I walk into my final class of the day which happens to be Human Sexuality. I expect fun conversation and to build more respect and tolerance for others and their preferences. Little did I know I'd garner a higher respect for my professor than I'd ever expect. My professor began to tell us a little bit about herself she went on to mention we should feel very free in the class and that she's looking for us to help make the class enjoyable. My professor went on to say that she was a sex abuse survivor, and is at a level now where she is comfortable enough with herself to share that and also teach a class regarding sex explicitly. She went on to tell us that she began college, left and then returned as an adult, and is now working on her dissertation to become a Doc


In Psychology there is a theory called metathought. In Layman's terms metathought refers to feeling the same emotion or having the same thought about an emotion or thought. For example have you ever been upset at the fact that you're upset? Have you ever felt sad at the fact that you're sad? These are all examples of metathought. In actuality when you are experiencing metathought you're really not helping yourself. Being upset at the fact you are upset just makes you more upset. I'm quite guilty of this myself. Metathought is something extremely hard to avoid, you have to consciously remind yourself of what's happening to you. Let yourself go through all the motions of emotions, the pain, the sadness and whatever else. Metathought slows down the recovery process of whatever you may be going through. Just a little food for thought, be well.

Getting older, getting better

I read a great quote today that read "Discipline is nothing more than desire that has become smart and has learned what works." The quote rings true for me because when you do have a problem and you do get through it you're now better equipped it handle it it does come up again. I look back on 2010 and I think that's exactly what happened with me. When faced with situations i analyzed them and made educated decisions. In the coming new year my goal is to continue making sound decisions in my life period. When it comes to relationships, my hope for you is that you make wise choices. Who you choose is important and once you figure that out you need to make smart compromises as well. We're called to grow with wisdom. Try things differently , try to avoid old habits and continue being the best "you" that you can be. Do what you feel is right and understand usually what's right is usually what's the hardest thing to do (a good friend gave me that one)