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In A Pickle

Out with some friends the other day I was presented with some rather thought provoking issues. Issues that I never really thought about til the time of this conversation. I consider pretty much all the fellas I associate myself with as stand up guys. We're not ever looking to be blatantly hurtful and know both sides this whole thing. We know what it is to have been naive and taken advantage of, and we've seen others who have been naive as well. Some you're able to save and some just have to learn. But with that being said we're all very cognizant of another person's feelings while making different decisions relationship wise. An interesting issue arose in conversation in which we spoke about basically our thought patterns. There's no doubt men think in a way shorter term relationship wise than women. We're not usually getting to know women thinking "hey man she might be the one." We really do just go with the flow for the most part. Women on th

I've Gone...VIRAL

Real Real Real quick post. I wanted to let you all know I haven't forgot this blog, I simply have my hands in a bunch of different endeavors. One of which is a re-launched online magazine site by the name of Viral Status Magazine . I write an editorial for them, and I'd love for you all to check it out. I'll get back to my blog when I find extra material. But I implore you check out my new work, spread the word and enjoy. I thank you all.

You're Rushing It

You're rushing it, you really are. Yes my fine ladies I'm speaking to you. After many posts I'm not sure if I have touched on this, but damn it I'm touching on it today (see what I did there?). I want to take time out today to reassure all young ladies that you are not immune to kissing frogs. Guess what guys kiss whatever the equivalent of female frog are too lol. It is what it is quite frankly and too often this week I'm seeing you beautiful people agonizing. At ripe ages ranging between 20-23 complete meltdowns. Are you tired of the bullshit? I'm sure you are, and guess what anyone else who goes through things are tired as well. We are alive and have to live; live meaning we have to feel the good and the bad that life offers point blank period. There are a few scenarios prevalent this week that caught my eye and simply prompted me to write this. Giving up on trust - I know when you get taken advantage of or deceived you no longer feel to trust anyone.


I have a need to start off by saying sorry for the gap between posts. It has been a very hectic few days with the launch of my new column over at Viral Status magazine called "Damn, He Got A Point." Things have also been hectic as i have received the first draft of my book and I now have editing to do, plus I want to add another chapter somewhere. I will also begin contributing to where they look to join collegiate communities socially and what not. I'm all for the unity and that's what they're about. So when I feel I can loan a helping word or two, they got it. So with all that said I'm back and I have something I want to share. Earlier this week a friend of mine and I were speaking. Naturally we start speaking about different women. He begins to ask me what ever happened to a specific girl he knew I was interested in. I told him nothing happened to her lol but I fall back some from time to time. He wanted to know why and I basical