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Don't Feel Guilty.......

On Wednesday I head to another family reunion, my third in a row, which is now my longest streak,lol. Although it has been a big sort of headache putting together, the time has come to become a little excited about it. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE my family. I've been fortunate to be surrounded by people that really care for me and are really individuals in their own rights. But I write tonight to discuss something else. More times than not people who don't have such great relationships with their families tend to be a bit bitter when they see you enjoying that type of relationship. It's not their fault and you should be understanding if they do come off bitter. But don't ever allow these people to make you feel like you're spoiled to have a good family, or that its whack. Appreciate your family, and for those people who don't have supportive ones, how about you try your best to support them and give them the support they need to feel that feeling. Don&

Pussy Traps!(Taken from Eddie Murphy Raw)

Eddie Murphy happens to be probably my favorite comedian ever, even though he's only had 2 specials. These specials were in the mid 80s but damn they are still forever relevant today. In "RAW" Eddie schools men and warns them about how women use "pussy traps". He defines pussy traps as when a women uses not giving you any to keep you around. I thought it would be cool to bring my thoughts to that philosophy. I don't think it's a great idea when a woman uses her "pussy" as bait. what I mean is a lot of women I've spoken to over the years say certain things that give that vibe. Women would say "I only have sex with my boyfriend", or they'd say "well maybe if we went out it would be different." To the ladies I guess they're doing something they grew up being taught. Maybe going out with someone you have sex with makes them have more respect for you..I highly disagree. But to the ladies, this can end up backfiring


I'm at the Maxwell concert yesterday and before it began my friends and i get into this discussion of how people are quick to call their significant others wifey and hubby. I guess it's cute...but I think it's safe to assume that men find the terms cool, and maybe women really put their feelings more into it..maybe. I think the term is cool to bring a certain feel to the relationship, to show that yea yall got a bond maybe stronger than just a normal boyfriend girlfriend couple might have. But more recently i think the term is being used too loosely. In my mind at least you gotta really have a real effect on me for me to be like yea I'm chillin with the wife. It's real convenient but i think it paints a false picture for some ladies, ladies who are dying to hear words that give them reassurance that their man is serious about what they got. Well maybe that's where the problem lies, no word like wifey should define that, what should define how a man really feels