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The Rollercoaster of Love Part 3- Crash Landing?

The title of this post depends on one of the two people in the relationship. You can either be respectful and upfront and end things amicable, while still leaving with some dignity, or you might take a cowards way out and deceive someone. Either way there are some subtle signs when you realize things aren't quite right. Things aren't the way things used to be. In my experience at least I realize that the conversations change. Your significant other seems to be on the defensive on some things a little more, and you're wondering what the hell is the problem. Maybe they want to tell you something they just don't know how to articulate it. Maybe they're tired of feeling obligated to speak to you. I think it's a combination. A lot of how someone severs ties with you says so much about their character and where they prioritize you and your emotions. I think anything short of a amicable or respectful ending to a relationship is selfish, granted you didn't do anythi

The Rollercoaster of Love Part 2- Cruising

So now we hit the stable phase, the cruising phase. Now you all are comfortable with each other. You have a good grasp on each others likes and dislikes. This doesn't mean the spontaneity and the romance stops. Quite the contrary this is the time where you want to put more effort into keeping things stable. Everything in life we have of importance we take care of, whether it be a car, a baby, or ourselves. None of the aforementioned things are perfect yet they all need care and attention. As do our own relationships as they are not perfect. We don't live in a utopia, and as much as we soak in this happiness we feel, you still have to be smart and not delusional. Of course when you're in the beginning stages of love, being delusional is almost synonymous lol. But it's okay, we've all been there. But as you're in this cruising phase trouble sometimes will occur. A feeling of consolation may sometime occur, because this is when you realize you love the person. You

The Rollercoaster of Love Part 1

Image Whether you've been in love or not it's a known fact that your emotions are constantly fluctuating. The thought that we can actually think of someone so frequently is kinda scary lol. But in any event I feel that love has phases, just as anything in life there is a process. I have never really been one to think you can truly love someone at first sight. I think there are strong initial attractions, great chemistry, common grounds, but no feeling that deep worthy of the title of love. Love in a lot of cases stems from places you'd least expect it. In my experience and I think in everyone's you just don't see that coming. I used to have an away message that read "love is a battle, love is a war, love is a growing up." The series of phases love produces gives you so many experiences, and they're all not at all great. In life you take the good with the bad as growth demands change. And that's how you should ap

Back Again

Haven't done this in a while, been a hectic few weeks for sure. But now I'm chilling and trying to enjoy my time off. I had a great day today, and I'm glad to see the Houston Rockets still fighting out there. But enough of that,let me get to my topic today. I think friendship is important. With that said I think when you begin having more mature relationships with the opposite sex friendship is a big deal, think of it as a contingency plan,lol. I say that to say this, friendship provides a foundation. A foundation of mutual respect, trust, and care. I care for all of my friends deeply. I found myself today a little sad hearing one of my friends hasn't been well, kinda felt bad that I hadn't been checking up on em here and there just to see how they were. But it was at that moment I realized no matter what the past was like, no matter what I still want to see them happy and see them well. It's just my opinion that true bonds are formed through friendship, so no r