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Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't...

... or so it sometimes seems. It's Friday night and I just finished having a good conversation with one of my cousins. The nature of the conversation is a pretty common one I think many men can relate to. This is the case of the newly single woman. I can't speak for anyone else but myself and I know I've faced this scenario even from my high school years. I will warn you all from now that I'm not sure if I have answers to this issue. Just bare with me and hear me out ta bien (okay)? I think men sometimes go through little phases in which they have interest in a certain woman but that woman is in a relationship. What would make matters worse is God forbid she was in a relationship and happy! When you put those two things together you take the wind out of a brotha's sails. A guy goes from wanting the girl to wanting her but feeling a little bit sour about wanting her. For all intensive purposes there's really nothing you can do. A wise man once told me a wom


Almost gotcha there, this post is not about deadbeat dads. Those guys have gotten enough attention. Today's post is about something a bit different. I'm looking to delve into this topic of dating. A lot is made of what is proper dating etiquette. In an attempt to show everyone that chivalry is alive and well I implore you to open your mind up to this post and my next post on . I'm an avid user and enthusiast of twitter. Pretty much daily I'm on that thing, it provides me with some insights and a whole hell of a lot of entertainment. This past week one of my homegirls sort of went on a semi rant. She stated something to the effect of a guy expecting to not pay on the first date. I found her statement intriguing. I asked her if it's something she has come across often and she said "Yes."  I then put on my "hmm" face and went and began to ask around. As it turns out, many women that I got responses from said they had run i

Father's Day

It's been a while but I am back! It's time to talk about Father's Day. I will go on record and say that I think it's just as important as Mother's Day. I also happen to feel that holidays in this country are just more geared towards women. Gifts , and more gifts for women!! That's quite fine; good women deserve it all. But in this world of many deadbeat ass men the good ones should most definitely be heralded. I think I'm a good ways away from fatherhood but when I see proactive men in their kid's life it gives me great incentive. I would love to be a great dad; I surely plan on doing so. My reasoning for being such a father wouldn't ever be for any accolade on a given day but more so because it's just important. I'm inclined to feel that for a child to grow as holistically as possible it is a plus to have a father present in their life. The presence of a man in the household adds a healthy balance for both the mother and the child. Fat