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It's my goal and my passion as a writer to push envelopes and and take different perspectives on everyday type issues. Over the past few days I have been toying with the subject of infidelity. It's a very common subject amongst us all. Some of us have cheated or some of us have been cheated on, or maybe you're Neapolitan and you've experienced both.  The bottom line is that this subject has a very strong relevance. I would argue that it is a real prospect and may stay subconsciously in people's minds more often than not. Tonight I want to be a bit radical and let this preface serve as a disclaimer. I have never read or written about the other side of cheating. I do not seek to glorify it in no way. You live how you see fit but I do want to shed some light on why I think it does happen in some cases. Infidelity is a reality obviously. To be frank, if people didn't enjoy it to some degree it wouldn't be as prevalent as it is. I personally haven't che