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Smiling Faces (# 100)

I don't think you can ever be too cautious when looking for someone to be with. You should always be careful in choosing who you're going to invest your emotions in. When emotions get involved you really have to make sure you make more sound decisions. Be weary of some things as you progress with someone; of course this all begins with you. I strongly feel when you're avidly looking for something, other things may come along that may only seem as if it is what you want. Think of it as when you may be missing someone and for some reason many people you'd see throughout a day may seem as if it were them. In sports it's very common for a coach to tell a player to "let the game come to you." What they mean by this is that you can't force anything. You play best when you're the most relaxed. If you're dead set on only one thing you end up oblivious to other factors of someone that you really may not be into. It's an easy thing to come along an

Mission Completed

There's nothing like when you put your mind to something and you accomplish it. I came into this school year knowing I had to do a full year, and also knowing this semester was do or die. In the midst of all that I made personal decisions simply to insure that My focus didn't waver for these 3 months. This semester may have arguably been the most difficult emotionally. I came to terms with the fact that I'm a man and I am not immune to being emotional. It took a hell of a lot of emotion to realize that. I knew for a fact what I had to do to be successful. It did work against me in some ways, but I had to always remain cognizant of the fact that my graduation and my proverbial future was on the line. What can logically compromise that? My point exactly, in perspective everything pales in comparison to this education thing we're striving for. As a result of my sacrifice, my decision making, and busting my ass I can finally rest easy knowing I did the right thing. I know