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So I got a lovely friend named Anny who just tweeted that she's tired of people running on and on about their sexual "expertise" and that mystery is sexy. I can dig where she's coming from. But everyone won't share the same sentiments. It's really a maturity thing and not an age thing. Lord knows I could care less about mystique at the age of 14 or 15, your thought processes are totally different. If you ask me, your thoughts change as the quality of women or men in your life change. I think we all meet someone eventually that we're into and they sort of "grow you up." For me that happened eventually and I began to like things like the mystery of someone. The mystery makes the chase that more enjoyable. The lives we live now most people lack a little patience and aren't willing to listen a little or feed someone they may like. But like my moms always says, you got to make sacrifices. As I get older this whole mystery of what a woman is like

The Whole World In Your Hands

As I've grown I've learned to appreciate little things. One of these things is patience in your intimacy. Taking your time with someone is real important. When I say taking your time I mean physically. A lot of appeal i get from sex now is knowing I have control over so many emotions this woman is going to feel. I think of it in my mind as having her whole world in my hands. Of course as I always say you can't do everything with everybody. So maybe not everyone gets this patient treatment, but it depends on how this lady presents herself to you. A lot of this feeling I get of control and wanting to make the experience something real memorable comes from pride and being comfortable. I think ladies as they grow should do the same with a dude they really digging. You have to be comfortable in yourself and confident in things you want to do. And you got to think of it in a sense that I can blow this person's mind right now,and when you operate as such you'll see what i

No Offense

I write this today just out of me being in my usual deep thought. I always hear women get offended when they hear a man sometimes only wants sex. I totally understand it not being your thing in particular. But I find A lot of women frown on men that have that as their agenda. Truth is there's women out there okay with a guy like that. I don't think women should totally get offended or look down on those men. What's wrong with a man wanting something just as you want something for your own self? Some people just enjoy a physical situation. I can't speak for everyone, but I highly doubt these guys are looking to offend anyone. Maybe their approach may be off, and for that, they should get no play. At the same token theirs women who just want a sexual relationship as well. I think we as people move through phases where we want different things at different times. Why should any of us be knocked for something we want at a particular time? I'm sure if we ran into the ri