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Year of The Gentleman?

I was having a real good convo with one of my friends yesterday. We always have good convos, and of course the subject of women is a focal. We were speaking of money and I was telling him how upset i was that I had no dough lol cause the job market aint treating me right. So he says he been there n what not. And I told him it's time like this I think of money I've spent before. I told him about all the shopping I did my freshman year for no reason really and he was like yea man you gotta cut back. I told him i had, which I have, but then I said "yea man plus i ws really digging someone at the time and I always wanted to do things to make her happy." So my friend goes "so you had her tricking off you?" "You bugging kahlil." lol, he said it in such a way that out of all the people I been with not one of them deserved to be treated special. It really took me back because after at that time 4 years of dealing with all types of girls one finally stood o


Image The above website is a site that one of my homegirls put me on to. is a website geared towards assisting people who are looking to have affairs. I think a lot of times websites,movies and music serve as a barometer to where society is at at the time. And it's my feeling that this site gives off a message than having affairs are welcomed. It has always been my mentality that if I want to be alone to be with who I want when I feel, I'd stay single. When I'm ready to put effort into a healthy relationship then I'd do the same. But why the affairs? I tell people around my age why rush for something serious? We have so much time to settle, but people really sweat these situations. I really was just taken back by seeing a site blatantly advocating and cheating, and consequently damaging marriages. This was just a quick observation, how you feel about it?

The End of The World....No, A Wakeup Call...Yes.

SO!! one of my favorite entertainers died suddenly yesterday. I can remember being 3 and seeing the remember the time video wondering how the ras this guy just turned into sand,lol. Needless to say it is a sad situation, with lots of speculation, but with that said with any death should come a reminder. We have to really enjoy ourselves now. Any little beefs yall have going on, if you ladies are doing ya i don't like her for no reason shit,lol that should stop, if you have little squabbles with people that really don't mean anything squash it. Use your energy to be happy and productive. If we all have a fate then fine, but when don't know what it is and when it'll end so you really gotta take comfort in knowing that ok Mike's gone.....but umm appreciate the family and friends you still have around, cause at the end of the day he's still just another celebrity....take all that sad energy, and push it towards ya loved'll make you feel better, guara

Father's Day

I just now realized it's father's day. For the longest time now this day is met just like any other. I've grown so used to not having a father around. But what I usually do on this day is reflect on those who took his position and filled it to a "T". I have been extremely fortunate and blessed to have a family that cares for me. I owe so much of who I am and the decisions I make to my family. To my brother and to my cousins and my uncles who I consider brothers, they all have made life easier for me without my father. Without them I'd probably be a dick,lol. So many values instilled in me by them, I'm ever so grateful for them making my life enjoyable and worth something. It's the kind of friends they are to me that I try to be to my friends. And although I'm using words, I honestly can't articulate my gratitude to yall....all the mushy shit aside though lol HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

Chivalry v.s. Stupid Chivalry

Over the years there's a phrase I've heard all too often from many ladies. They say that chivalry is dead. Chivalry is defined as the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms. How this is relative today? These actions and characteristics are manifested in being respectful, generous, being protective to a degree, and being a gentleman. Many other women ask the question "Is chivalry dead?" I say it never died. Trace back to medieval times when this term was coined, of course there will be those who were chivalrous and those who aren't. same goes as for today. For those who feel chivalry is dead, you're wrong for generalizing number one. And if you haven't experienced someone being chivalrous first hand, you have to give them an opportunity to either prove you wrong or right. You also have to allow someone to be chivalrous within their means, this mostly pertain to finances, meet someone half wa

How Much Is Too Much?

Everyone always seems to be so caught up in not looking too anxious with one another. I guess it's understandable. Some people say for a guy, you shouldn't call the same day you get a number...i can dig that, or if you get the aim,lol which is all too normal now, do you hit em up the same day... i think it's funny. But those situations are minor. But when do things become too much. Being a guy I can tell you my experiences. When someone calls you 5 times in a day and you don't pick'd think mayb they'd just let you rock after maybe 3 lol. OR, you can have someone called you a bunch of times during the day, you get on the phone, and then they just don't speak, but they insist on calling you back to i don't know....hear the crickets maybe? Maybe it's too much when the questioning know why didn't you call back, or maybe you didn't save the number and you hear...ohhh you talk to so many people you can't remember who thi