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What I Loved About Chris Rock's "Tamborine"

I know many of us are still high off of Wakanda Carnival. We've been lucky to have not only one, but two big premiers this month. Of course Black Panther was the box office juggernaut we all hoped that it would be. But along with the finest chocolate, we were also gifted with a new Chris Rock stand up on Valentine's Day. For anyone who has followed my writing through the years, you know that I love stand up comedy. Stand ups make me laugh, but more importantly they make me think. I've alluded to Chris Rock many times prior in my writings. One of my favorite references can be read here . I found Chris Rock's Tamborine to be his most vulnerable offering. Sure it's funny. It's very funny. In my opinion, I think Never Scared was his best work. But I genuinely had a good time watching Tamborine . This stand up gave us much of what we love about Chris. His perspectives on issues and how he dissects them are elements of his act that we feel he excels at