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Through Love and Entanglement Will and Jada Run An Undefeated Offense

Courtesy: Variety Well, what a weekend!  This past Friday the long awaited Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith debuted. Much to our delight Will joined in as well. We awaited Jada's recounting of her trysts with one August Alsina . What we ultimately learned is that Jada found herself tripped up in an "entanglement" of sorts. What we learned as this episode progressed was that this all went on about 4 years ago and it was already addressed in the Smith household. In the Black community, the Will and Jada dynamic has been a pillar. It has been something many people love to aspire to; the longevity of a Black marriage. The question has always been "What's the secret?" Well as time has passed, you see that a lot of the secrets in longevity is steeped in a relationship's imperfections. What Will and Jada have shown is that they have done the work to create systems that help them with crisis management. Beyond just communicating, there has to b