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Take A Chance....Maybe?

I guess we all would like to think we can be the next "Big" thing for someone. A lot of times we see promise that someone you're pursuing just doesn't. It could be due to simple fear. Fear rightfully so from their previous experiences. But how do you build some trust, maybe try to open their mind? I don't know if I have the answer, but I'd like to think time and patience is key. Great things can be accomplished with time and patience. You just want this person to take a chance on you, and if they do it's on you to show them they made the right decision. I enjoy being the guy that seems "different" from what a woman is used to. For one I'm just being myself, and at least I can reassure a woman that good men still exist. And if situations end romantically, as long as respect is still there the friendship always will be. That's the answer for all those who don't want to "complicate" things lol. With that being said to y'all