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Your Beliefs Can Not and Will Not Change Your Kid's Lifestyle Choice

                                   Courtesy: Oprah Magazine About 6 years ago I wrote a piece on SBM called  " How Would You React to Having A Gay Child? " It was written within the context of thinking what if parenting is nothing like what I expect it to be? I wanted to challenge myself to think about who I was at my core; was my love conditional? What I did to gain some clarity was think about my father growing up. I only lived with him for about 7 years and even with as flawed as he was, I thought he was  that dude. At that moment, I realized that was all that mattered. My kid will place me on a pedestal by default. I've got to love them the same way. This week Dwyane Wade's family has been at the forefront of the news because his 12 year old daughter Zaya decided that she would like to now be referred to as a girl. Sexual orientation conversations are some of the most polarizing in contemporary society. Without fail, this story and its revelation ha