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I can assure you that this is not a post about wrestling, but this photo evokes a feeling that I want this post to have. This photo is a promotional picture of "Triple H" in his early career. The character he portrayed was that of a well off man who had all the world's amenities at his beckon call. They nicknamed him the blueblood snob and people hated him because of the way he looked down on others. What relevance does this have to today's post? Well I have a need to think that there is a certain population of women that stick their nose up at another population of women. I have divided these groups of women between celibate women and non celibate women. Now a lot of my commentary may seem skewed a bit toward non celibate women but as I elaborate you will begin to see why. Many times I have thoughts that I'd like to write out but I can't find the words to elaborate on them. usually an event or conversation happens and in that moment I have all the words

Cut It Out

  It's been a while but that's hardly ever a bad thing. It is said that you should speak only to improve the silence, I can assure that's what the deal is for today. Many times I know I don't state popular opinion and that's okay. this is my art and i depict it how I see fit. I have no problem speaking on issues that deal with men needing to be more responsible  in all facets. If any fellas do read my work they probably say in their head "Yo Lil' shut the fuck up man!" That's fine and dandy, that only means there's integrity to what I'm saying. For the guys that do read the blog you'd be glad to know that today's post has not one thing to do with y'all. I'm talking to the ladies today and I have some thoughts to get off my chest. I say this all with love so don't take nothing personal. I'm going to need young women to get real honest with themselves from here on out. I'm not in no way trying to