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Coercion Is An Issue That "Having Game" Should Be Separate From

      Courtesy: instagram,com/kendrick38 With the success of last year's inaugural Teen Vogue Summit , it returned for two iterations in 2018. The most recent one took place on on November 30th through December 1st. Surely, many thoughtful discussions took place and many thoughts were shared. Those in attendance I can almost be sure left feeling more enriched than when they first walked in. With all of this withstanding, I did come across the below tweet and it most definitely piqued my interest. Insecure’s Kendrick Sampson talks about how a man’s “game” is the same as coercion. #TeenVogueSummit — Lindsay Weinberg (@WeinbergLindsay) December 1, 2018 Kendrick Sampson , who plays Nathan on HBO's Insecure believes that "game" is defined as getting a woman to do something that she does not want to do. As I watched the clip, I thought it came off as him having an epiphany of sorts; he might agree. I also thought that I have n

Why Men Can't And Shouldn't Try To Change What They Liked In The First Place

Image I like to think that I have an affinity for finding the pulse of what folks are  talking about. A huge catalyst to this is Twitter. A few days ago I came across this tweet that made me think: men do this weird thing where they’re simultaneously attracted to how sexually free you are but also shame you for it — saint swazi (@swazikills) December 3, 2018 I have never agreed with trying to change who a person is. The mere thought of that is pretty exhausting. We are in an age now where people of all walks are more confident in living exactly how they want to. This includes women and their right and desire to define themselves in our society. Gone are the days where women choose to remain silent. Women are living with more conviction than ever. In this viral society, our eyes are captivated by dope pictures and insightful, truthful quotes that cause us to "like" them. A lot of what us men double tap on are provocative pictures, or messaging th