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Despite Skepticism, The NBA Bubble Is A Success Medically, Competitively, and On Social Issues

Courtesy: Global News Editor's Note: As of August 26th, 2020, the Milwaukee Bucks took a stance to boycott their game 5 playoff game in respect of the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin. The following piece was published on August 24th, 2020 before I knew any details of this senseless act as well. Following the Bucks' lead, the other teams scheduled to participate on August 26th's games have decided to boycott in the NBA as well as the WNBA. The Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds of the MLB have also decided to boycott their game on August 26th. The following article is meant to highlight the great strides the NBA has taken in combating the health crisis in this country as well as the racial injustice that we as Black people experience. I still support the restart of the NBA, and I also understand the optics and visibility a boycott at this point gives the cause at large. I commend all who chose to demonstrate in this way, and I hope to see continued strategic