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When Is The Right Time To Exhibit "Marital Qualities" With A Partner

Courtesy: Single Black Male Listening to podcasts is something I have grown to enjoy doing. I know that I'm not the only one. My tastes vary from dating and sex podcasts to  politics and sports. One of my favorite shows to check out sometimes is called Room For Relations . In the latest episode called "Are You Married or Just Dating?" the gang discusses when the right time is to begin handling duties that are associated with marriage. Among some of the tasks or behaviors mentioned were things like making a plate for your partner, cooking for your partner, washing the dishes, taking the garbage out and even taking their car for oil changes. The discussion was surprisingly eye opening for me, because these are tasks I haven't given much thought to in regards to when the right time was to carry them out. It pays to remember that you have to take yourself out of your own thought pattern to try and understand these things. So I did, and it's obvious that it's

Dear Jay-Z: We're Not As Stupid As You Think

Courtesy: Washington Post By now we've all read several pieces about the Rocnation and NFL partnership . It's the 180 degree spin heard around the world, and at the center of it is Jay-Z . It threw us all off to a degree. Not because Jay made a deal, but because Jay vehemently disassociated with said league. He vociferously backed Colin Kaepernick , to then magically feel like we're past kneeling now. I had a short conversation with my friend Lisa last week regarding Jay-Z and how he brings his comments across sometimes. She said quite plainly that Jay seems to speak to us many times as if we don't have any sense. That's probably a big reason as to why there has been so much backlash with the announcement of this deal. Courtesy:Page Six Jay-Z's partnership with the NFL is a business venture that will allow Jay-Z's entertainment company Rocnation to help provide entertainment for such marquee events like the Superbowl . There will b

Why Disruptors Like Rich Paul Need Not Worry About Systems That Push Back Against Them

Courtesy:USA Today Black people in this country have heard it for long enough that the systems in this country were not built for us to thrive. I consider us to be at the top of the most resilient groups of people in this world.  You have no choice but to be resourceful in this world when places like the United States continue to marginalize you. This brings me to Rich Paul . A childhood friend of Lebron James who was given opportunities to learn the business of being an agent via Lebron's resources. What Lebron did for Rich Paul, Maverick Carter, and others is what all of us in this community are called to do. Lebron was able to be put in a fortuitous position. He saw it fit to bring his fellas along with him. But he didn't want to mimic any sort of "posse," rather  he wanted to equip his friends with tools to become sought after businessmen of their own. Quite frankly, they continue to exceed I'm sure whatever their own expectations might've