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Me? Married? Part 2

I would guess as a single male that this isn't the norm daily. By norm I mean finding your wife in lingerie as you come home from work. You see since I'm not married I can only fantasize about what my marriage would be like. Today's post is a follow up to yesterday's. Lately I've been thinking about my expectations of marriage. In my own stupid  little way it would be so cool to come home to my wife oiled up everyday like this lol. This however is unrealistic; I know this but we can all dream can't we? Have you ever gave thought to the kind of person you need in your life? What type of characteristics must one possess for you to say "this is someone I can settle with."? Today I figured I fill you in on some qualities I would look ready? Humor - I have to laugh it's imperative to my life. We have to be able to have fun and act like total asses around each other.... I'm just jovial like that. Generous - I would need to be with

Me? Married?

If you're not aware, I'm a 23 year old male. There's a lot of things I would love to accomplish at this age and I'm working on some of them. I'm a recent college graduate so I'm learning on the job so to speak as I acclimate myself into the work force a bit. In the midst of all this you also learn about yourself. I find myself in deep thought at work when I have free time. I find myself thinking about the future. 23 is a funny age, I'm still getting many things situated and for some reason or another I feel like that should include my love life. It's been a long time since I ever made me being in a relationship a priority. I don't really think it should be one. I simply think you should want one and in the same breath be ready for what it brings. I reached a point where I've done so many things I've wanted to and now I can really give of myself to someone else. The thoughts that actually preceded my thoughts of relationship were really o

"Stay Here!"

I come today speaking on a common issue that men deal with. It's simple, I'm speaking of the woman men want to "know their place" and the women who don't want to play that part or don't know that a guy placed them in that role. OUCH! I know this is some crazy sort of topic. You are simply going to have to stomach my bluntness on this. To put thing simply a lot of guys have two types of women. They have women they don't mind dating and what not and then they have women who they really only want to have sex with. Truth is that in the latter case that's all they want to be to that woman too. Now is it ever that cut and dry? Nope. Deception runs rampant between men and women, we try to be as verbally pleasing as possible cushioning each others emotions for our own peace of mind. It pays to be clear on the kind of relationship you have with someone. The main reason why guys get upset with women who end up wanting more than what they want is because th

Protect Yourself At All Times

You let your guard down, then POW!!! Not a nice ending right? It sure as hell isn't so today I hope to help you avoid this as much as possible. I want to talk about what I feel is trust. I had a great conversation with a friend a few weeks back where he felt as if you can never fully trust anyone. I had to disagree with him. I couldn't possibly not fully trust someone whom I think I would marry. And I thought that point was relevant enough. I simply told my boy that you have to be realistic. I truly feel that once you lose sense of what is reality you then leave yourself wide open for some sort of failure. I define trust as giving someone the opportunity to do right in whatever facet. I do not believe that trust should be synonymous with being naive. What the hell are you talking about Kahlil?! What I'm saying is that when I trust someone I don't negate the fact that they are human and that they can fuck up at any which moment. Trust is hoping you'd always use