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The Mask

Masks - They vary, masks are of all kinds. If you ever saw the movie The Mask with Jim Carrey you saw a man whom once he put on this mask he turned into a totally different person. Now the mask itself wasn't attractive but this mask gave him a confidence he didn't have with the mask off. So I guess I use the mask as a metaphor for confidence. Which brings me to my idea of the overuse or abuse of makeup. In my mind people who abuse makeup I truly feel are covering something up, for the most part at least. The immense amounts of makeup they apply give them a confidence they don't have without it. As far as I know makeup should be used to simply enhance the color that you already possess. There's a big problem when the complexion of your forearms and your face can't agree. Not only does abuse of makeup show maybe a lack in self-esteem but it's just not good for you. When do your pores get a chance to smell the roses?? To anyone that reads this that does abuse make

Different Strokes For Different Folks

"Beauty" - What is it? How do you define it? As I walked through the city last week as usual my head was turning left and right. As I walk around my campus my head turns left and right. And sometimes to put things in perspective I think to myself or raise the question of what makes someone attractive? There are way too many variations of beauty I think to give beauty a definite definition. I think that's why the personality is easier to classify than beauty. People can have similar personalities but people's physical features are more varied. The way people perceive beauty is also different. There are endless debates between myself and my circle of women we like and who's attractive. More times than not we all don't agree on the same ladies. We all have our own preferences. At the same token what constitutes someone being ugly? These are all questions that none of us have answers to obviously, but it's definitely something to think about. Beauty truly is

No Fairytale

Society can really be something else. In good ways and bad ways society has it's influence on many things we do. I caught an interview today with Stephen A. Smith formerly of ESPN on "The View" this afternoon. The topic of discussion was Sex addiction and monogamy. He says that men really dont' truly want to be monogamous. His argument was that no man sees a woman and says "she is the only one I want." I must agree to some degree. He says that with maturity men begin to weigh decisions. he states that it becomes and issue of us wanting something, but is it worth losing what you currently have. In a scenario like that you get the monogamy that's said we don't truly want. An analogy was made to a drug addict being clean, but still having urges to use. You still don't indulge and you continue being happy in your sobriety, but urges still remain. It may seem radical, but it's actually a different way of looking at it. I think he really does give