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How Should A Man Refine His Dating Style As He Ages?

Courtesy: VideoBlocks It might've taken a pandemic, but I think the world is leaning towards more organic communication again. The Coronavirus has inadvertently given us more time on our hands as we continue to practice social distancing. Contemporary dating culture is a topic that has come up with me in conversations that I've had during this social distancing era. Whether through text or virtual happy hours, there were a lot of parallels.  A lot of the conversation surrounded around the Hinge app and the lackluster crop of guys that women find on there. They negatively cited things like hood nicknames on there and the listed interests, namely, "you know the vibes." There was also the sentiment discussed of knowing where a woman stands and deciding to "waste" her time anyway. It dawned on me that there are just habits that guys have that I don't think they shake as they get older. Their idea towards dating and what it's supposed to mean does