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SMH (Scratching My Head)

I continue to learn a lot through my experiences with people, and specifically women. Seems like I daily become a little more understanding and willing to see another view other than my own. I'll never ever have all the right answers and I hope none of us are expected to. But in that there's a growth and an acceptance of that reality. With that said it seems the older I get, just when I think I have some answers, women change the question. Lately I've just been scratching my head trying to put a pin point on how I've been feeling, and why I've been feeling certain ways. You all ever just get thrown a curve ball sometimes? I'm not saying it's a bad thing that's going on, but you do end up getting responses or predicaments in which you just weren't expecting. After the fact you try to make something of it all, but all the pieces just don't add up. That's pretty annoying right? Well it is for me, as an only child I have spent a lot of time in my


Today while between classes I ended up watching vh1 and I guess they were showing a marathon of "Basketball Wives." In watching some of the show I turned to my friend once I noticed something. There are a whole bunch of shows built off of a group of women and them conflicting. during this observation BOOM! Another brand new show debut called Mob Wives. Think about it, what's going on? You have Football Wives, Bad Girls Club, The Real Housewives of whomever. The list goes on, but we as a society are enthralled with it. How do they get us? Well I'll tell you how they get me. Many times they find some fine ass women with some fine ass ASSets and they get them to wear fine ass clothes and there you have it! I mean it's that simple for me :D. But seriously I began to think why aren't there a bunch of shows with fellas living in the same house with some common goal. There is an abundance of these reality shows involving women, and these women many times just beefin