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Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

How nice is too nice? I think this is an important question for women to know and for men to find out. I've been told myself on a few occassions that I was "too nice," what the hell does that mean? I think being nice is being mistaken for being soft. I feel my "niceness" stems from growing up and not seeing my mother treated the right way. I always told myself I'd never try to hurt any woman, at least intentionally. I am usually somewhat offended when I hear someone say that someone's too nice. I think they're genuinely being the way they feel they should be. I always pride myself on being a guy that solidifies a woman's belief that good men still do exist. I'd like to flip things and just say maybe some women aren't ready to be treated nicely because it's not what they're used to. If you don't know how to deal with something for the first time you may shut it downwhen you first experience it. I personally wouldn't change

Men vs Women....where i think we win somewhere,lol

There's a certain issue I have been monitoring in my mind over the past few years. I see it becoming more prevalent as the years go along. In it's simplest form it's simply why so many women don't get along with each other and why so many guys do. In many of my relationships with women in talking to them one of the first things they usually say is "i don't have a lot of female friends," or "i can't stand women." So on and so forth,lol I want to get to the nature of all this because I find that guys don't like each other if you give us a reason to not like the other person. I've literally been with a girl in the street and that girl judged someone before they opened their mouth and said they didn't like them. Why is it that women have this attitude? is it based off of their past experiences with girlfriends or is it purely ignorance? You can't just go through life feeling negative about so much... unless you want to.... but why