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Eat Like Pops: Gotham Market at The Ashland

Eatlikepops  is a new venture of mine. I have been known to enjoy all kinds of cuisines from everywhere that I find myself. After years of folks suggesting that I do, I finally started an Instagram page dedicated to my foodie travels. Today’s post is a review on the new Gotham Market at The Ashland. It’s one of the newest eateries in Brooklyn that is here just in time for the real turn up weather. Thanks to one of the managers on site  Ms. Rosi Sellers , I was able to sample some of the cuisine and get a firsthand look at the stellar service that is provided at the market. Now, the Gotham Market is comprised of 7 different vendors which provide patrons with just about any option one could conjure up in regards to their cravings. The Crabby Shack  – The Crabby Shack is becoming a more well renowned staple in Brooklyn with their flagship location being on Franklin Avenue. Here at Gotham Market, they have a pop up station geared to bring you the full shack experience minus the