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"Holy" Matrimony?

The sanctity of marriage, always a hot button discussion. Now I know we're all not supposed to be judgmental of people's actions. But damn their actions sure spark discussion. Now I'm an avid and reader. And I know for the past few months Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have been dating. Now who am I to say hey they shouldn't get married. But there's always a bigger picture and their situation I think is a window into "America's priorities." If you were to ask me, I'd say this was a publicity stunt, strictly business. But America, what ever happened to love. Real, raw, visceral love... mutually of course. I look at this situation as getting married for the wrong reasons. As you see them you can see the ingenuity of the relationship. In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" a reporter asked Odom "Is this love?" and Odom answered confidently...."something like that." huh?? Is that a

My Vibes

So lately I've been downloading some good stuff. As I listen to all these songs I realize how much music helps me. It's entertaining, it's relaxing, it's even a learning experience. I'm pretty eclectic. I think everyone has a story. In life all we do is share stories and share wisdom. Music is so instrumental it's crazy, it says so much. We usually listen to different genres depending on our moods. When I'm stressed or really relaxed, it's time for Anita Baker and Toni Braxton. When I work out its strictly rock music. When it's intimacy time i'm on my R&B. And in the middle of the day or a Thursday night it's a hip hop deal. Music is always something constant that never disappoints me and makes me feel good. Find things in your life that never let you down and keep you happy. Y'all be well.