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Take The Gloves Off

Well it's been damn near a month since my last post, and for that I apologize. Truth is I've started a new job and have been contributing some pieces over at Viral Status Magazine . But don't be fooled I'm not finished with my blog and will still continue to post as ideas come. Today I entitled my post "Take The Gloves Off." Not sure what that did for you all while reading it, but you're about to find out if you thought right. My message today is simple for you ladies and you gentlemen. I want you to keep who you have, and with that comes compromise and adaptation. Now earlier this morning I started off the day tweeting. I said  that ladies should send they man a little naughty picture once in a while, keep things fun and exciting. I have a need to believe after being with someone for a while you sometimes lose that spontaneous fun you might've had. I personally feel sending pics are fun with the right people, not necessarily to the world. Now I

Dedication To The Ex's

It's not what you think so calm down take your chill pill. I'm not here really to flap my gums about "look at me now," or "I'm great without you" and what have you. Truth be told a bunch of my ex's or women I used to see probably won't read this or know that it's been written. But I guess I wanted to bring a light on something and I hope I'm not preaching to the choir. As young as I am I've had a bevy of experiences with women. And even the ladies I've wanted and failed to have, there's been lessons in it all. today's post is about what some special people and some not so special people have taught me in my triumphs or failures with them. In High School: I learned the value of falling back I learned how to gain respect from a woman Understood the importance of listening Learned when enough was enough In College: I learned the real importance of being a gentleman I also learned about the importance of