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Forever Young?

I often try to remind people to enjoy their life that this is still a time in our lives in which we can truly have the least amount of cares. As much as we have issues to handle concerning our development in this world as people and as a working class, we still don't have a world of responsibilities as yet. We have to have fun. We have to remain lighthearted in this time. I find it very important to be more realistic than anything else. In a conversation with my cousin today we were speaking about women. I posed the question "why do women put so much thought into long terms relationships at this age?" A long quote I know but it is something that continues to irk me. Truth is you have a higher chance of breaking up with someone right now rather than making it work all the way through. Don't get me wrong the possibility of beating odds is ever so appealing. I'm not one to shoot down any dreams, but I am a realist. Why is so much emphasis put on being in a relationsh

Passion vs Intimacy

I happen to think that there is a difference between intimacy and passion. I think the two get somewhat confused when it comes to getting involved with someone. I think this kind of conversation is arguable...but here's my take.... Passion to me speaks physical. Passion is so much like a verb to me. When you do something with passion it's very active, and much attention is paid to it. Intimacy is more of an emotional connection to me. Intimacy goes beyond the physical. Intimacy pays attention to detail. Intimacy also advocates a care for someone else. Intimacy lasts way after the physical is over. Intimacy is more of a catalyst for passion, although I think you can be passionate on your own. Being sensual is misunderstood as well, in my view. I think being sensual falls under being a passionate or affectionate person. You levels of intimacy with someone influences just how passionate and sensual you may be with them. This is only my clarification, I'd love to hear your vie

All That Glitters.........

So why does it seem bad (negative) thing always happen to good people? It's a very valid question, which I think only has one true answer. In Martin Lawrence's "Runtelldat" stand up, he says more than once, "No one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life." It's the sole reason why bad things will continue to happen to us. By "bad things" also consider certain things not going your way. What does this have to do with our relations with each other? It's important to be mature enough to know what works best for your situation, as people. You have to remain cognizant that as good as we are, or we may think we are, sometimes things won't add up. Just like anything else, something can look real good till you try it. A nice cake always looks like a nice cake, but the frosting sometimes makes or breaks it. Problem is the frosting always looks nice, till you taste it. What the hell am I talking about? Sometimes relationships seem like t

Growth Demands Change

A word of advice we all get after a break up and/ or heartbreak is that "if it comes around again it's meant to be." Is this phrase really true? As we get older, a constant lesson to learn is to always use discretion. Discretion is wisdom, discretion is intelligence, discretion is being logical. With that being said, sometimes that love comes around again...or maybe the person does. It doesn't mean "woohoo" let's pick up where we left off. What it does mean is "hey what went wrong last time?" and what has changed with us between then and now. This is not a one sided deal. You have to become introspective. You need to know how you have grown since the prior time. You also have recognize where you may have come up short at times. Are you willing to compromise and change...or have you changed some things that may have been troublesome? Once you have looked at you, then you can begin looking at the other person. Have they grown in the areas that ma