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A New Species of Snakes- The Woman

We males tend to get a really bad rap alot of the time. We tend to be called dogs, pigs, assholes you name it. We have a new phenomenon in my circle that we call snaking. What is snaking you ask? Snaking generally revolves around someone making moves without others knowing. Someone's always trying to find out who's snaking. Snaking also can conjure up some negative connotations. For instance, if you ever accuse a woman of snaking, she may be taken back or take some offense to it. I can assure you tht once you master the art of snaking it will treat you well. But some women think being labeled a snake means maybe being labeled as a pop. Well..... it varies, and this is where good ol' doubsle standards we as a society construct kick in. Now a woman can snake and thats fine, but when she becomes comfortable being a snake..... then she starts snaking with multiple guys. Funny thing is is she snaking if others still know?lol guess she defeate3d the purpose after all. But just a

How Platonic Can We Really Be?

Here's an issue that I think that both men and women can relate to. This is the issue of platonic relationships, or in other words the relationship where you and someone else are "just friends." In relationships like this I think it's highly likely that at least one person if not both people in the relationship has or hs had some sort of more than friendly thoughts of one another. A lot of women label a guy quickly sometimes as a "brother" or like too much of a friend. As a guy I can tell you I'm blessed to have good looking female friends, and as much as we are friends, I'd never put them on the level of "sister" or something. I live in a way where I want to feel like anything can happen I don't shut down people too much. But my question is can a man and woman really have a truly platonic friendship without either party having any miscellaneous feelings? I mean I think so, but I also think that its not an often occurrence. In any event