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How Charles Bradley Taught Me About The Patience Necessary While Following Your Dreams

Credit:CBC Music Thanks to my cousin Guillermo, I was able to snag two free tickets to The Meadows Festival in Queens back in 2016. He was performing during a Prince tribute set featuring The Twin Shadow . It's always a treat to see my cousin drum and be in his element. But I selfishly salivated at the opportunity to see Kanye West in concert. I know we all can't stand dude right now, but truth be told, his music holds a special place in my life. Up until that point, I had always wanted to see Kanye live. I was able to, right up until the show had to abruptly end due to an unfortunate Kim Kardashian robbery. This music festival also contained other hidden gems. I was able to see the likes of Bryson Tiller , Pusha T and the late Mac Miller perform. Mac's set was special, but that may be a story for another day. The performance that stuck with me on that day was by the late Charles Bradley and his "Extraordinaries." The Extraordinaries are a band that