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Is B. Simone Right? Do 9-5ers and Entrepreneurs Mix Like Oil and Water?

Courtesy: The Grio I'm not too familiar with B. Simone . I don't know many fellas that might be either. But I do know that she has found some new success and recently took social media by storm. During an interview with Nick Cannon she stated that because of her lifestyle as an entrepreneur, she couldn't possibly date a man who worked a  9-5 job. Nick tried to make a contrary case, but she was vehemently adamant that that just wasn't her thing. Many found those thoughts to be ignorant, myself included. I'm in no way offended by what B. Simone said. But I do think it goes to show the quality of people she has dated and how they approach relationships. As I've gotten older and dated more deliberately, I often thought about roles. Not necessarily gender roles, but simply thinking about my own qualities and talents. What am I good at? What is she good at? How can I add to her life? I feel that beyond protecting your partner or helping to provide that you