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Sex After A First Date And The Conversations That Should Follow

Courtesy: Kamdora This past weekend I came across a Youtube show called Pass The Bluntness . It's a lighthearted interview show that asks people to speak on millennial type taboo subjects. The latest episode is centered around sex after a first dat e. Of course there's a litany of ideas on it and I thought the show covered it all rather well. One subject that I think isn't spoken on enough is sexual health.  During this episode the question was asked as to if there is a conversation with a date as to their sexual health status. The participants were very honest about whether or not they have those conversations and why it can be difficult at times. One gentleman in particular said that he tries to go off of a woman's "vibe" more than anything. He felt he needed to protect himself more with someone who he deemed as being more promiscuous than "normal." I applaud that transparency. It's understood in matters regarding sex that m