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This Thing Called.......

LOVE! We can blab a whole bunch on this subject can't we? It really doesn't stop. And that's alright because love is all good. The older I get the more I see it manifested and interpreted differently by everyone. Over the weekend a friend of mine asked in our group chat if attaining a storybook sort of love was possible. Let's call it almost like a Utopian sort of thing. There were a myriad of responses. What was obvious and what I said was that love means something different to all of us. What made me love a certain woman might not mean anything to someone else, but for me it was everything. I didn't believe there was any Utopian type love. I think that initial falling in love process is extremely Utopian, damn near euphoric. But love on it's own seems so uncompromising. It lasts long, it's strong; it's like the most honest promise you make to someone else. For that reason is why you have to be frugal with whom you allow yourself to have those