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We Give An Inch... You Take A Foot

On Monday my psychology professor said something that struck me. She said that men are more emotional than women. As I've matured I've noticed that as much as I may not want to express it, I'll feel emotions nonetheless. My professor believed that men don't express themselves as much because of the reaction they may fear of a significant other. She said that a lot of times women say they want openness and they get it, but when they do their reaction to whatever it may be might not be the right one. As she spoke I really began to relate. Showing emotions is something men aren't bred to do. So obviously a man having to show emotion in some cases has to involve learning. You have to be comfortable and it takes time. For a woman, she's encouraged to be a woman and be emotional by her peers, her home, and society. There isn't any criticism for a woman being emotional, it's simply seen as second nature. There's obviously exceptions to this as there may be


You ever think men and women are more alike than they seem? Sometimes I truly happen to think so. There's times when both men and women cross the lines that society has gotten us accustomed of being bound to. To my fellas, you ever find yourself taken back by the behavior of someone you've been dealing with? Do some of her tendencies seem all too familiar to you in how she embraces you or keeps you at bay? Well i can speak for me, and I know I've definitely seen this scenario before. It's always thought women shouldn't juggle their men and that it's okay for men to play the field. In playing the field some feelings can be hurt as that's just the nature of the beast. Nevertheless we men are more used to having that freedom and for some reason don't expect to feel any remnant of that lifestyle. Today I tell you "they" are just as bad as we are. When the fellas get together and talk about different people there's usually one that we'd say


Our lives are pretty much based on conditions, circumstances, and contingencies. The fact that I'm here writing this is based on a condition. My father met my mother, and therefore had me eventually and there you go. Our lives revolve around these things. When you come to school the idea is do get good grades, and usually when you don't bad things happen. If you don't perform up to par you get suspended or expelled etc. The way we live day to day are under conditions, we have laws in our society. Our laws expect a certain behavior out of us. Our society prefers that we be civil and moral. When we violate those laws, once again bad things happen that doesn't benefit you. You may be asking what this has to do how men and women relate to each other. It may not be an issue that you see as important but it creates a great discussion. We all have standards. we all have things we are willing to tolerate from each other, and things that we're not. I touched on this in my b


We live in a male dominated society. Males are always seen in a position of power or dominance. We're not always raised to show or acknowledge our vulnerabilities like I've said before. With that being said it's safe to say that guys definitely aren't used to humbling themselves in terms of their pride. I don't think many men are comfortable with the idea of being at the mercy of a woman. It has to be one of the more uncomfortable things for a guy to deal with. I think a prevalent scenario is when you see a guy "whipped." I don't think dudes are ever comfortable admitting that they're whipped by anyone. This is a case where the woman has a definite position of power and the male is now at the mercy of the woman. This is almost to the point that if or when a woman leaves the dude is still caught up on the woman. A scenario like this puts a guy in a position that he's not used to. A woman can take much pride in the fact that this may be every gu