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Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth!

It's been four weeks since the last post and so much has been going on. I feel compelled to write tonight about the issue of playing your part in friendships and relationships. over the past few weeks I have simply been inspired. It is my belief that any relationship you are in you have to have a clear understanding of the parameters of that relationship. Some questions need not to be asked and some moves need not to be made. The matters of the heart will always be complicated, and there's always going to be a band-aid for every sore. But the main point I would like to bring home is simply that when you know a person's character you know them period. And you should know that any moves this person now makes are not blatantly malicious. When one relationship ends neither party has any type of say in who the next one has relations with especially if the separation wasn't amicable. If a friendship is to continue after this a sense of self esteem and high self security must