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Tarawoner and Keyaira Kelly Bridge Generational Gaps with the New Talk To Your Mom Podcast

                  Credit: Hellobeautiful We are currently in the middle of a podcast boom in 2019. Podcasting has proven to be a useful and lucrative medium for many. In the pantheon of great podcasts, I think it can be challenging to find a show that sets itself apart from the others. The Talk to Your Mom Podcast sets itself apart from its premise. Two strong, insightful, and beguiling Black women who speak on the Black woman experience. They present a mother/daughter dynamic that is unique and special to say the least. Tarawoner Lyles-Kelly is a Life Coach and the founder of the TYL foundation. Her daughter is Keyaira Kelly who is a Writer, Producer, and a women's advocate. Together, they co-host Talk To Your Mom in which they share experiences with one another. Quite frankly, they put each other on. They give each other game. As you listen, you hear two women who actually listen to one another. There isn't any condescension involved. I think it's a

Robert F. Smith Pays it Forward and Sets Example As He Covers Class of 2019's Student Loan Debts

      Courtesy: 11alive In February of 2018 I first learned who Robert F. Smith was. I was freelancing and covering social media for PBS ' premier of their "Pioneers" documentary series. The event emanated from The Harvard Club in Manhattan and was in tribute to Reginald F. Lewis who is recognized as the first Black billionaire in history. Robert F. Smith served as one of the key speakers of the evening. As he spoke, he certainly seemed like someone with a strong sense of self. He had a conscience that reached beyond his own surroundings. He got "it." He looks out, he encourages, and as of late, it's evident that he puts his money where his mouth is. As someone who  worked along Reginald F. Lewis, there is just no shortage of business acumen and social awareness that Robert F. Smith possesses. On May 19th, 2019 Mr. Smith took a stand that will always be remembered and appreciated. He vowed to grant the graduating class of 2019 forgiveness of t

Ari Lennox's Substantial Compromise Backfires in "Whipped Cream"

    Courtesy: Hunnid Grind Ari Lennox and her debut album Shea Butter Baby has been regularly in rotation for many of us as of late. For me, it's an easy listen. I know for the ladies, it's simply relatable music. I would say that my favorite track thus far is " Facetime ." The album is filled with a lot of odes to Ari's assertiveness as a woman and the confidence she has in her sexuality. That feel adds a ton of legitimacy to the music. It has you saying "I know that's right!" during the car test. One set of lyrics that really stood out to me came at the end of " Whipped Cream ." It's a song about a breakup and the aftermath. You can tell that it speaks to that period of time after a breakup where you begin going through the phases. You go through the anger, the sadness, and the anger of still having said person on your mind through it all. In this sense it seems like Ari wants to hate dude, but she really doesn't. Ho