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What Do You Do When He Calls Before He "Comes"?

Outkast is my favorite rap group.  They have an album cut on Stankonia called "I'll Call Before I Come." The lyrics go as  as such - I'll call before I come, I won't just pop over, out the blue I hope that you do too, I'll call before I come, I won't just pop up over out the blue, no after you.  The hook hints at sexual reciprocity and orgasms for the parties involved. The song also alludes to letting the woman know that when dude is about to climax, he'll let her know. In this past Sunday's episode of Insecure we witnessed a scenario that is familiar to us all. Issa and Daniel got hot and heavy in the living room. Issa, who is fresh off of a fellatio workshop decides she's feeling froggy and decides to leap. She surprises Daniel by going down on him. Of course, caught off guard, dude is excited and is enjoying the hell out of the head that he's getting. When it gets too good, he tells Issa that he was about to climax...and the