Through Love and Entanglement Will and Jada Run An Undefeated Offense

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Well, what a weekend! 

This past Friday the long awaited Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith debuted. Much to our delight Will joined in as well. We awaited Jada's recounting of her trysts with one August Alsina. What we ultimately learned is that Jada found herself tripped up in an "entanglement" of sorts.

What we learned as this episode progressed was that this all went on about 4 years ago and it was already addressed in the Smith household. In the Black community, the Will and Jada dynamic has been a pillar. It has been something many people love to aspire to; the longevity of a Black marriage. The question has always been "What's the secret?" Well as time has passed, you see that a lot of the secrets in longevity is steeped in a relationship's imperfections.

What Will and Jada have shown is that they have done the work to create systems that help them with crisis management. Beyond just communicating, there has to be some further understanding that they have to feel comfortable enough to address this whole deal publicly and on their own platform.

None of us know exactly what their system of dealing with issues that arise is. 

However, by me simply knowing one is at play, it really makes me compare it to sports. Different systems or strategies in sports exist to effectively  yield a result that puts you in a position to be best successful. To use a basketball analogy, you have the Triangle Offense.

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Once a player crosses the half court line on offense they go into their first "action." 

They look to move the ball and utilize player movement by way of making "reads." In Layman's terms, this system is created to combat whatever the defense has planned. In will and Jada's case the "defense" would be the entanglement subject. It's all based on principles.

What I admire about Will and Jada's relationship is that they clearly have their way of going about things when difficulties arise. I can't point if I've ever employed that approach in my relationships in the past. After Red Table Talk this past weekend, I'm more interested than ever in really fostering systems in which to deal with issues. Whatever protocol we come up with together would be fine by me. If something ever pops off we know what action we go into first. It could involve giving each other space initially, or setting a time to sit and talk etc. But what this whole situation  conveys to me is the adage of staying ready so that you won't have to get ready.

Because of the systems in place, Will and Jada are always prepared for something to pop off. As I mentioned earlier, they did the work. We can't always have these understandings when relationships begin. I'm sure Will and Jada have been through so many other things prior that they realized they had to implement a system in which they dealt with issues. If life partnership is the goal and its Will's desire to love Jada through anything, then this is all necessary.

Now could I  deal with all that they deal with?

I have no clue. I just admire the fact that they are committed to a system of handling things. It's the biggest lesson I've taken from this whole ordeal. The jokes are amazing and I'm having a ball with them. But I think we have to appreciate the way in which this couple communicate and make it a priority to have each other's back when it gets ugly. I find it to be admirable. I aspire to remain that committed one day, of course it takes two to tango.

What lessons did you all learn from the red table?

These are my words and I make no apologies.


  1. Great Read! What I've learned from Will and Jada is that EVERY MARRIAGE IS DIFFERENT. I've had multiple conversations with people about this situation and what I noticed was that they were adding an extra layer to the surface - but that's it - a surface issue. What we do see is how Will and Jada chose to handle it in the public eye. In the past, I tried to create a dynamic for my partner and I to handle conflict but it just didn't work out or maybe we should've created the system prior to the conflict occurring. But all in all.. Jada and Will have been together for a very long time, they're still learning and growing too.


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